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Writing Resource Page

This page serves as a collection of writing resources for FSP instructors.   All incoming first-year students are given a writing assessment.  Most students have good writing skills and do not need additional assistance.  About 35% of incoming students need to improve their writing skills and enroll in WRI 102: “Academic Writing” in the Spring semester of their first year.  A very small number of students (~2.5%) are enrolled in WRI 101: “First-Year Writing” in the Fall semester in conjunction with their FSP course.

Resources for Faculty

1. FSP courses are designated as writing intensive.  Here is a document that explains the requirement and expected outcomes, and provides suggested approaches to creating assignments and providing effective feedback on writing.

2. The Writing Center also has a limited number of SWATT (Students Writing and Talking Teams) teams of writing tutors who can visit your FSP class and teach students how to give peer feedback on writing assignments.  Please contact Diane Gruenberg in the Tutoring Center to set up a SWATT visit.

3. Nina Ringer, Director of TCNJ’s Writing Program, is also available to provide help to instructors on writing issues in their classes.  The program has a specific page of resources for FSP professors on writing.  There is also a menu of writing resources for students and another menu for faculty.

4. Past Teaching and Pedagogy Workshops also have several presentations by faculty on designing effective writing assignments, constructive feedback, and use of peer feedback in writing.

Resources for Students:

1. The Writer’s Place, part of the Tutoring Center (located in Roscoe West), offers many resources for students who need writing help:

2. Online Tutorials on Academic Writing and Paper Writing

  • TCNJ’s Writing Program has a webpage of useful links for students.
  • Understanding Assignments — A page for students on understanding college writing assignments at the University of North Carolina
  • What is an Academic Paper?  A site at Dartmouth that explains the expectations of an academic paper.