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First Seminar Program Instructor Resources

Propose an FSP for Fall 2020

Every instructor needs to fill out a course proposal form

  • FSP course proposals for all courses will be due December 2, 2019.
  • Full-time faculty should discuss teaching interests with their chair and dean
  • All full-time faculty fill out the same Qualtrics form, but returning courses will submit less information
  • TCNJ staff should discuss FSP teaching with your supervisor
  • All staff and adjuncts need to fill out the same Qualtrics form, but returning courses will submit less information
  • The links to the right will be live from Nov. 1 to Dec. 2, 2019
  • See “what all FSPs need” above to start thinking about your course.

Course Funding

Information for Travel and Supplies

  • Fill out the form to request travel, speaker, or supply funding prior to August 12.
  • All travel requires a faculty travel form and student waiver forms. Make sure to have your students do the waiver while in class with you so that all the event information is listed correctly.
  • The library has funds to purchase materials (such as books and video) that will be used in FSP courses. Contact John Oliver ( to request books. Contact Linda Dempf ( to request video. Please allow ample time for purchase and processing.
  • All receipts must be submitted to

Sample Syllabi

Submit your final syllabus to by September 13!

The “syllabus template” is the basic format for TCNJ.

Each FSP syllabus should clearly state the FSP learning goals and writing learning goals.

If you are meeting a Civic Responsibility, your content learning goals should show clear evidence that you are meeting the Liberal Learning Outcomes for Civic Responsibility classes. See the following link:

Download Sample Syllabi Resources

Must have a ‘’ email address to access these documents.

2019 Workshop Materials

All of the May 14, 2019 workshop materials are saved in the shared drive.

Download Workshop Materials

Must have a ‘’ email address to access these documents.

Extra Info for Teaching the FSP

Extra Info for Teaching the FSP

  • FSP Canvas Shell: example for how to set up Canvas to have assignments with rubrics
  • Academic Integrity: slides and instructions for the Canvas Modules for your information as needed; remind your students to complete the Academic Integrity modules in their NSO site by Sept 6.
  • Community Learning: CLD card shows the schedule of events for Community Learning Day on Sept. 4. All FSP students should attend at least one event. Make sure to promote this in your class.
  • Memos: the emails I have sent instructors
  • Liberal Learning: power point and 082219 memo from Kit Murphy remind you that you are an important part of the Liberal Learning experience for our students.
  • Inclusive teaching practices help many students and do not harm the “go getters”. See this Chronicle of Higher Ed Article for a few strategies: Want to reach all of your students?
  • Students might need guidance in how to communicate with you effectively. See:
Download FSP Extra Info

Must have a ‘’ email address to access these documents.