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FSP Funding Requests

First Seminars are meant to foster “an intellectually exciting and challenging experience” and to “pique students intellectual curiosity.” In order to accomplish these goals, faculty may wish to arrange for field trips, outside speakers, food, and/or instructional materials beyond required textbooks. The First Seminar program is pledged to support faculty initiatives in these areas as much as the program’s budget permits.  Instructors may also need to reserve the use of facilities besides their normal classroom.

Funding Process:

  1. Complete the funding request form in Qualtrics: Request form

    1. The first deadline for funding requests is July 1, 2016.
    2. The second deadline, if funds are still available, is August 1, 2016.
  2. Receive funding approval from the FSP Coordinator by e-mail
  3. Make arrangements.  Tiffany Youngblood, in the Liberal Learning Office, will make bus reservations, pay bus invoices, and pay invoices for tickets.  She will also process speaker forms. There are three forms; the first 2 should be completed by the speaker and the third by the Instructor of the course:
    1. Independent Contractor Request (Short Form)
    2. W-9
    3. Speaker/Honorarium Form

All of the forms can be found at the following website: