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Faculty Development

The First Seminar Program provides support for instructors teaching and preparing FSP courses.

Every year, there is a teaching and pedagogy one-day workshop on techniques for improving one’s teaching and pedagogy. Presentations on topics such as writing assignments, oral presentations, team teaching, discussions, using surveys, and community engaged learning experiences.  In May 2015, we hosted a Writing-to-Learn two-day workshop.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and FSP Workshop Archive:

May 14, 2014, May 13, 2013, May 10, 2012, May 12, 2011

There are additional opportunities scheduled during the Fall semester.

If you are interested in attending an Afternoon tea to discuss FSP writing outcomes, please respond below:

If you are interested in attending a lunch to discuss providing writing feedback, please respond below:

If you are interested in joining our Peer Mentor Network, please e-mail

If you are interested in having your class observed, please e-mail